Privacy Policy

      At Penny Viney Photography we value you as a customer and understand that your privacy is important to you. We want to make sure that we deal with your private and personal information carefully, at all times, so that you feel safe and secure during your visit to our website.

      The following Privacy Policy has been prepared to inform you as to how Penny Viney Photography will request, collect, store and handle your personal details.

      We require all website visitors and clients to read this policy carefully before engaging with our service and making a purchase. Once you have made a booking we will assume that you have read, understood and consented to the use of your information in any and all of the ways outlined below, and in any way incidental to those uses in the ordinary course of our business.


      At Penny Viney Photography we will only request information of a private or personal nature from you in circumstances where it is necessary to us, to fulfil your order or to satisfy another customer service purpose.

      The type of information that we may ask for includes (but is not necessarily limited to): you full name, contact e-mail or phone number and address.

      Any other information requested will also, at all times, be dealt with in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

      We will only ever use your information to fulfill our service obligation to you, and it will never be shared with any third party for any reason unless such sharing is expressly agreed to beforehand.


      You are always welcome to view or modify any personal details that we store in our database. If you wish to obtain a record of exactly what we keep, or edit your contact details, simply contact us.

      Penny Viney Photography will never allow any third party to access your information for the purposes of editing it.


      In addition to personal details, the Penny Viney Photography website may also collect non-personal or non-identifiable details about your visit to our website.

      The use of ‘Cookies’ enables us to ascertain certain details about your visit including, but not limited to: navigational information, any referring websites and location information.

      This information is completely anonymous, and no attempt is ever made to match it up with your identifiable personal details. The information is recorded purely for statistical purposes and is used to improve our service to our clients.

      You may choose to refuse the operation of ‘Cookies’ by disabling this feature in the settings of you computer, mobile phone or other device.


      Penny Viney Photography will never ask you to disclose information via social media, however, if you do choose to share information with us, we will always handle any information gathered in strict accordance with this policy.

      We advise all users to use discretion as we cannot control, or be liable for, the use of your information by third parties who also have access to these platforms. Please use caution when sharing information via social media, and where possible, contact Penny Viney Photography directly via e-mail to provide relevant details.

      Penny Viney Photography will not be responsible for any loss, damage or otherwise that may stem directly from the sharing of personal information with us over social media.


      The Internet is a global network. Therefore, any data that you may transmit whilst accessing our website, is transmitted globally. By visiting the Penny Viney Photography website, you are impliedly authorising the global transmission of your data.

      We are not responsible for this transmission and are not liable for any consequences that may flow from it.


      Penny Viney Photography may occasionally make changes to our privacy practices. Any changes that would affect our client’s privacy or personal information will be published here and will take immediate effect from that time. Your continued use of our website and service is taken as your consent to the use of your personal information in any further ways, as outlined here, or ways incidental to those uses.

      If you are concerned about our privacy practices, if you have any questions about your personal information or if you believe we have breached our privacy obligations to you please feel free to contact us directly.

      This Privacy Policy is current as of February 2022.