Photo Session Info

      I’m a natural light photographer with a passion to capture honest, candid moments, connections and emotions. During a session my aim is to keep everyone as relaxed and happy as possible and hopefully the resultant images will reflect that. I try to avoid overly posed photos but will usually start with some standard poses to get the ball rolling and I will give you some tips and suggest the best place to stand, sit etc, to make use of the light during the shoot. Sessions then usually unfold organically, in response to whatever is happening at the time.
      I’m happy to wait whilst extra feeds for baby take place or you placate, (co-erce or bribe!) younger children and toddlers.
      For your peace of mind, I also have a current Working with Children Check and have had a recent Whooping Cough booster (2017)

      If sessions take place at the family home, I first like to familiarise myself with light sources and so would love a little tour to choose the best locations. Don’t worry too much about your home’s appearance, but it is helpful to reduce clutter, (to avoid unwanted distraction in images) and obstructions, which may hinder ease of movement. Please don’t worry about everything looking pristine though, it’s still good to have that ‘lived in’ feel!

      Photographs can be taken in any room that has good light and I usually bring a small stepladder to get a better vantage point for some shots. If you have any special items, (toys, blankets, wraps etc), that you would like used in photos, have them on hand and if you feel you need something extra, I have some props available.

      Outdoor sessions can take place anywhere there is a great background and not too many people. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon are my preferred times for photoshoots but if that isn’t possible, I’m happy to work with whatever suits you.

      As far as clothing goes, wearing something you love and feel comfortable in, is probably most important. I would avoid anything with bold prints or logos etc, as they can be distracting. Light colours, florals and neutrals tend to work best and without being too uniform, different shades in the same colour family can look quite good, contrasted with white. Unless of course your style is more flamboyant and you love bright colours. Whatever represents who you are best really!