F A Q’s

      • Please note: All photoshoots are currently being undertaken outdoors until further notice

      How do I book?

      Shoot me an email with details regarding who, when and where and I will respond as soon as I can with my availability. If you would like to secure a date, I require 50% of the booking fee and no booking is considered locked in, until payment has been received.

      N.b.  If you have emailed me and don’t think I have responded, please check your junk mail, as I have become aware that this has happened on the odd occaision. You can also DM me on Instagram.


      What is your photography style?

      I’m a natural light photographer with a passion to capture honest, candid moments, connections and emotions. During a session, my aim is to keep everyone as relaxed and happy as possible and hopefully the resultant images will reflect that. I try to avoid overly posed photos but will usually start with some standard poses to get the ball rolling and I will give you some tips and suggest the best place to stand, sit etc, to make use of the light during the shoot. Sessions then usually unfold organically, in response to whatever is happening at the time.


      Where are you located?

      I live in the inner east of Melbourne but travel to Adelaide frequently, so am happy to undertake photoshoots in both places.


      Where is the best location for my photoshoot?

      Photos can be taken either in home or at an agreed outdoor location. I can suggest locations which will be convenient to both parties, or, I’m happy to hear your own ideas!


      How far will you travel to take our photos?

      Travel up to 40 minutes from my home in each direction will be covered in the cost of the booking. If you would like something outside this, I can give you the additional cost that will be incurred.


      What if I get sick on or before the day of the booking?

      If either of us get sick, a new date will be arranged. As much notice as possible is always appreciated but in the event that something happens on the day and I have already travelled to a destination, travel time will be added to a rescheduled shoot.

      I understand that there are some unforeseen circumstances in which you may have to change a booking, but please be aware that if I cannot fill your confirmed date, it is essentially a loss of income for me, therefore I ask you to be mindful of this when you ask to reschedule.


      What if the weather is bad?

      If rain is imminent, I will touch base the day before to discuss options. If there is no chance of rescheduling within the day, (as there looks like no let up to the rain) we will arrange another day. Otherwise, we may be able to proceed at a different location or a different time of the day, but I will always make sure you are happy with whatever we discuss.


      What age is best to take newborn photos?

      Newborn photos are generally considered as being within the first 2 weeks after birth when babies are typically still quite sleepy and placid. This can be a time of enormous adjustment and I wouldn’t stress too much about fitting into such a strict guideline. Anytime in the first few weeks is good.


      What should I do to prepare my home for the photoshoot?

      Don’t worry too much about your home’s appearance, but it is helpful to reduce clutter, (to avoid unwanted distraction in images) and obstructions, which may hinder ease of movement. Please don’t worry about everything looking pristine though, it’s still good to have that ‘lived in’ feel and especially for your personality to be on display.


      What time is best for outdoor shoots?

      Just after sunrise and just before sunset provide the most magical light. It can be a disruption to your normal schedule, especially in the height of summer when sunrise is at it’s earliest and sunset at it’s latest, but the resultant images can be worth the one off disruption. If you really can’t do either of those times, as early in the morning or late in the afternoon as you can manage is best. The middle part of the day is best to be avoided, if possible, as the sun is at it’s harshest then.


      What should I wear?

      As far as clothing goes, wearing something you love and feel comfortable in, is probably most important. Please avoid anything with bold prints or logos, as they can be distracting. Light colours, florals and neutrals tend to work best and without being too uniform, different shades in the same colour family can look quite good, contrasted with white. Unless of course your style is more flamboyant and you just love bright colours. Whatever represents who you are is best really!

      To help with some ideas of clothing and combinations I have created a Pinterest page which can be found here: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pennyviney0598/wardrobe-ideas-for-your-photoshoot/


      Do you photoshop photos?

      I can remove small blemishes, scars, bruises and scratches etc but don’t generally photoshop photos to make you look substantially different to what you do.
      If there is something you want removed from your photos, it is good to let me know prior to our session, so we can discuss if it can be done.
      Any issues which require substantial time to correct will incur an extra fee.


      Have you had a recent Whooping Cough booster shot?



      What if my baby is unsettled or children play up during the shoot?

      It is probably inevitable that there will be some type of disruption during the shoot, whether it be with a baby, toddler or older child.

      I’m happy to wait whilst extra feeds for baby take place, or for you to placate, (coerce or bribe!) younger children and toddlers. Small snacks, their favourite music and toys can all help in creating a better environment but invariably I will just work with whatever is happening at the time and capture the chaos of life. Generally these end up being some of the best photographs and create a lovely time capsule of the particular stage of your lives.


      What happens at an in-home shoot?

      If sessions take place at the family home, I first like to familiarise myself with light sources and so would love a little tour to choose the best locations.

      Photographs can be taken in any room that has good light and I usually bring a small stepladder to get a better vantage point for some shots. If you have any special items, (toys, blankets, wraps etc), that you would like used in photos, have them on hand.

      How will I receive my images?

      I will email you a link to an online gallery.

      Galleries can be downloaded in both high resolution and resolution suitable for web use. The galleries are protected by a password and can be shared with family or friends if you wish. Individual images can also be downloaded and these images will be high resolution.

      Galleries will be left online indefinitely, however I strongly advise downloading all the images as soon as you receive the gallery and backing them up in more than one location, (for example an external hard drive and the cloud), as I cannot guarantee the images will be there forever.

      How long until I receive my photos?

      I will usually send you a sneak peak via text message in the first day or two  after the shoot and I then aim to get an online gallery to you within 2 weeks, however at busy times, or if there are unforeseen circumstances, this can take longer. I also send a USB containing the images to you, once the gallery has been sent.

      How long are vouchers valid for?

      The value of any gift voucher is valid for a period of 12 months from time of issue. If there are exceptional circumstances, (for example health restrictions, extended illness) an extension of that period can be negotiated.

      In the case of a voucher for a value less than that of a standard session, the difference needs to be made up for the session to take place. Sessions cannot be tailored to the amount of the voucher


      If there is a question I haven’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


      Penny xx